An Introduction to Different Types of Mattresses

It’s surprising how many consumers suffer from poor quality sleep due to old or poorly-made mattresses, especially given how important the ability to get a good night’s sleep is to overall health and well-being. The mattress industry is constantly changing, though, which can make it difficult for consumers to sort through all of their options to find the mattresses that are right for them. Read on to find an introduction to a few different types of mattresses below.

Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses have been topping consumer preference charts for years, and with good reason. They are far more comfortable than traditional spring mattresses, and with their increased popularity in recent years they’re more affordable than ever. One unfortunate downside to lower-quality memory foam mattresses, however, is their tendency to trap heat during the hotter summer months.

Innerspring Mattresses

These traditional mattresses are still popular across the world, though their less durable than their foam equivalents. Some hybrid mattresses have begun to rise in popularity in recent years, combining traditional innerspring mattresses with memory foam technology to produce a comfortable yet affordable alternative to traditional mattresses. Those who want to ensure a comfortable night’s sleep on their new innerspring mattresses should be sure to do some extra research, though, since mattress quality varies dramatically depending on what brand is purchased.

Natural Latex Mattresses

Latex mattresses have only recently been introduced to consumer markets, so there are fewer options available. However, natural latex mattresses can be quite comfortable and can even have a beneficial impact on consumers’ seasonal allergies. While they currently come with a fairly high price tag, there’s no reason to believe that natural latex mattresses will not remain a popular option for years to come.

Air and Water Beds

When it comes to these types of specialty mattresses, quality is key. There is nothing worse than purchasing a cheap airbed or waterbed only to find that it quickly begins to leak, leaving sleepers uncomfortable and, in the case of water beds, unpleasantly damp. High-quality air beds and water beds, on the other hand, can provide a remarkably comfortable night’s sleep and last for years.

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