Five Common Types of Household and Commercial Waste

There are five main categories of rubbish produced by residents and businesses in the Sydney area. These include household waste, garden waste, renovation and builders waste, industrial and commercial waste, and small demolition or strip-out waste. What all of these categories have in common is that they can be a hassle to remove from properties without a little bit of professional help. Read on to find out about some of the different types of rubbish that can be removed by professional waste management specialists.

Household Waste

Household waste consists of everything from appliances like freezers, ovens, refrigerators, and microwaves to excess furniture, carpets, and items that have been sitting around in the garage for too long because no one knows what to do with them. Anyone concerned about the environmental repercussions of disposing of potentially hazardous items like refrigerators and microwaves can rest assured that a waste management specialist will recycle those materials that can be recycled and dispose of everything responsibly.

Garden Waste

Garden waste, also called green waste, can be disposed of in a green waste recycling bin. However, seasonal clean-ups and landscaping projects often produce more green waste than can be handled by ordinary municipal waste systems. When residential or commercial property owners need to dispose of excess clippings, bricks, shrubs, trees, rocks, weeds, or other outdoor waste, they need to call a specialist.

Building and Renovation Waste

Any kind of construction project, including renovations, is bound to produce some waste. Things that fall into this category include roof tiles, gutters, carpet, shutters, internal fittings, windows and frames, wood, brick, and just about any other kind of building waste.

Industrial and Commercial Waste

Industrial and commercial waste can be particularly difficult to dispose of, as there’s often quite a bit of it. Examples of times it is appropriate to call a waste management specialist for haul-offs include investment property clean-ups, factory or warehouse clean-outs, replacement of office equipment, furniture, and small machinery, and changing out computers, printers, fax machines, or other electronics.

Small Demolitions and Strip-Outs

Performing a comprehensive and thorough clean-out can often unearth more junk than residential and commercial property owners expect. This kind of waste can consist of anything from packing materials to furniture, appliances, and just about anything else that’s outlived its usefulness. Those performing strip-outs themselves can click here to read more about waste and how to properly dispose of it.