How to Deal with Dishes Piling up in the Sink

There will come a day when you feel so lazy that the reluctance of doing the dish laundry is so overwhelming so much so that you decide to just stay in your cozy bed all day long. While it is common for this occurrence to take place, the dish will stay dirty in the sink and pile up one atop another to the point where that one particular spot in the kitchen can no longer receive more dirty dishes. Doing the dishes is actually as simple thing to do but indeed it takes determination to complete such a task when the urge to stay in your comfort zone is so big you even feel lazy to walk around the house. There are things you can do to make doing a large number of dishes much easier. Do not let the dishes pile up for too long in the sink. Separate the utensils based on their shape and size and clean them in sequence. Cleaning stuff of the same shape and size will be easier this way. Clean the glasses first. This is to avoid transferring the odor on the plates to the glasses. Use different sponge surfaces for different utensils. Plates should be done using both soft and rough surfaces. Glasses should be restricted to soft surface only. For pots and pans, use aluminum scourer to scrape off layers of food remains.

Choose a dish soap that comes with an aroma that you love most. This will ultimately affect the level of comfort you receive during the process of doing the dishes. For thick food remains, soak the pans and pots in hot water overnight. Wash the surface with hot water the next day. Hot water is also effective against butter stain or cake cream. Dry the utensils on a rack first before storing them. Dry the spoons and forks in separate container so they will be easier to handle. Store the utensils based on their types. You can also listen to your favorite music while doing the dish to make you feel more comfortable in the process. Start with the dirtiest utensil in the sink. This will of course help with the way you complete the task.

To avoid having to deal with dishes piling up, try to clean them up the moment they are in the sink. If possible, when you are cooking, use the utensils that you can reuse for a couple of times so you do not have to add more things to deal with to the sink. Just rinse the utensil with clean water and repurpose it for another thing. Asking help from other family member also does not hurt. If anything, this will only make things much easier to complete. The key here is to deal with the dishes as soon as they get to the sink. Leaving them unattended for a prolonged time will only lead to more dishes added and this definitely will make you feel all too lazy to deal with them.